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Venetian events.

Biennale Special

Together with the opening of the 49. International Art Exhibition...
Venice Carnival 2003

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Venice art and culture.

Piero Pazzi's Corner

Forum Venice Lagoon

Interpreti Veneziani

Music in Gondola

The Frari's church and concerts

Bovolo Staircase

Venezianer Ludwigsburg

GUSTO FORTE 2. edition 3-25 july 2003

Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Cini's Palace


Tiepolo: Nettuno visiting Venice (G.B.Tiepolo)

Tiepolo: Nettuno visiting Venice.
Neptune's Song

Every time that I go there
my affection grows for her,
my soul starts flying high
while "Beauty" fills my eye;
thoughts in mind come.....,

This site offers the tourist a guide of Venice from the tourist point of view and offers an ample cultural view. We can offer you unusual itineraries, details of Venetian history, Venice restaurants whether to discover the typical Venetian cuisine, Venice hotels that will ensure you a pleasant stay.

To know Venice doesn't need only to traditionally visit the places of art tied up to the tourism as it St. Mark' s Square, the Canal Grande, the Basilica of St. Mark, the Rialto Bridge and so many others, but it also it is necessary to bathe herself in her culture: to cross calli and campielli, to enter an unusual world, a magic place whether to spend unforgettable days suspended between art and history between east and west

Venice not only offers art and culture, but also history, and bandages oriental: it is also this her reported magic at poets and writers.

Cultural events as the Biennal d'Art, the Mostra of the Cinema, or also the famous Venice Carnival they belong to the character of this extraordinary city. The Venice lagoon, her 118 islands, her 354 bridges, the gondolas are an extraordinary wealth that another city to the world she can offer to the visitor.

You discover with us this unforgettable city

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Cannaregio Santa Croce
Castello San Polo
San Marco Dorsoduro
Giudecca Lido

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