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In the province of Pordenone (Friuli Venezia Giulia region - Northeast Italy) the strip protected by the Western Carnic Prealps, named Pedemontana, preserves small jewels of architecture and landscape oasis to be found and appreciated by real connoisseurs.
Naturally distant from the uproar and reputation of more renowned places and sought after touristic routes, these spots preferably welcome only tourists with good "ethical" references ( you surely know what I mean ) and seem to disdain to come into the limelights of the so-called " first class " tourism, but don't let us be mistaken about it!
Such moderation often hides a reality made of secluded monuments, precious works of art unknown to the great public, interesting historical references and landscapes of exceptional beauty, and all is peppered with genuine hospitality wisely based on the respect of tradition and environment, in a context where quality of life means also coming in contact with nature and getting back behaviours and human values hard to find in modern times.


Delightful place, it is concerned with the sources of torrent Gorgazzo, which in fact is a resurgive, whose clear waters cross pleasantly the historical centre before flowing into river Livenza springing nearby in a place called Santissima. Water is just the chief element in this pure jewel of the Pedemontana and creates such beautiful green corners and striking views as to be really worth visiting and able to inspire sublime thoughts.
Sorgente del Gorgazzo
On the slopes of a mountain, about one km from Polcenigo, you meet the village of Gorgazzo, a locality well known for the homonymous watercourse springing from a Gorgazzo spring source of incomparable beauty, unique in its kind and familiarly nicknamed "el bus " ( the hollow ). Hidden from afar by trees and rocks, as one gets nearer a small lake comes into sight, an intense blue sheet of water by the ever changing hues.
The geographer Giovanni Marinelli (1846-1900), fine illustrator of his native land Friuli, perfectly described it with such poetic words:
"Take the colour of the emerald, the turquoise and the beryl and cast them in a bath of lapislazuli in the way that they may blend and keep their own originality at the same time, and you will get that part of liquid sky named Gorgazzo".
Closed by calcareous rocks full of fossils, a submerged tunnel goes down beneath the mountain in a gooseneck route. For the charm of its mysterious and inviolate depth, in the recent past many people were induced to dive for explorations and scientific sur veys or simply for sport and love for adventure. Many lost their life, so diving has now been strictly forbidden. Nevertheless on the Christmas night, during the Mass traditio nally celebrated at the source by the military Chaplain of the Alpins, a group of divers plunge in the lake in order to lay a wreath on the Christ of the Abyss, a statue lying 10 metres down, which can hardly be seen on shiny days. The divers plunge into the water bringing torches and the magic atmosphere of Christmas makes the ceremony very suggestive.

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