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These qualified opinions are taken from "Lo Stradario di Venezia", marvellous work in two volumes by Piero Pazzi, in Italian language. A very competent guide of great cultural value, purchasable at the
price of Lit. 68,000 (euro 35.12).

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"Stradario di Venezia"
Architectural aberrations

Part of the neighbourhood of the Sestriere of San Marco as well as some other places described in the following figures underwent barbarian changes in the years within 1870 and 1920.
Such destructive rage to erect "fashionable" buildings ended up by arousing public commiseration against the authors of such a havoc. The whole Campo Manin, excepting few houses left on the right side if you stand on the bridge della Cortesia, is a dreary architectural group whose negative apex is represented by
the headquarters of the Cassa di Risparmio, work conceived by a team of engineers and architects whose names are not worth mentioning here for their undeserved fame.

The church where Vivaldi never played!

How many of you have noticed everyday leaflets and bills posted anywhere promoting concerts in the Church della Pietà, passed off as being the "Church of Vivaldi?" The abuse of false information for the purpose of making money and secondly for promoting art is simply disappointing...

Against the dirtying of well curbs and monuments

Many people have realized so far how some troglodytes go by night putting their signatures anywhere, dirtying a large amount of monuments of our beloved Venice.
This pack of idiots leaves such jingles as Drome, Role, Sharp and so on.
This crime against our heritage can be notified at any time, since the public authority is operating 24 hours a day, just reporting the full description of the underdeveloped fellows as mentioned above

Carabinieri telephone 112 - Police telephone 113 - Vigili telephone 041-2747070

Architectural obscenities

Perhaps with the intention of paying homage to the remarkable interventions of Carlo Scarpa in the Palazzo Querini Stampalia nearby, an awful balcony was built years ago and everybody can watch it in Corte del Pozzo Roverso, near the street number 4822.

Impressions on the neighbourhood
Neighbourhood between Rio de l'Alboro, Rio de le Veste and Rio de San Moisé

The mentioned zone, poor from an architectural point of view, is one of the worst in town despite its central location, being as a matter of fact a tourist window.
During these latest years many essential services have been disappearing: the baker's, the butcher's, the greengrocer's and other grocer's shops, replaced by so called prestige shops.
But what do you mean for prestige?

The belltower of San Beneto

The doorway of the belltower has been walled simply with bricks without any plaster, can you believe it?
We hope that the original wooden gate or a not much unlike new one may be set up soon.

Architectural aberrations:

Hotel Bauer Grünwald
The facade is one of the worst insults suffered by Venice in spite of the law that should protect the Pearl of the Lagoon: it was built in 1949 in complete non-observance of art. n.9 of the Constitutional Chart of the Italian Republic saying: "The Constitution protects the artistic heritage and the landscape".

At street number 1390/A, near the Church of San Moisé, an abominable house built in the style in fashion during the rumoured "twenty years" of the fascist regime is worth noticing.

The former cinema San Marco
Though its view is less offensive than the Bauer's facade, it is no joke also with the cinema San Marco
as regards its perfect match with the architectural context of Venice.
Its features bring us back immediately to the benittian era.

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