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Welcome to CiaoVenezia

the web-site of the Zanolin family.
I am Stefano Zanolin, 37 years old professional with great passion for history, arts and folk traditions.
My cousin Dario Zanolin, aged 24, is a student of Archaelogy and Cultural Heritage at the University of Ca' Foscari in Venice, and very fond of computers and cross-country race.


Dario and I have decided to create a web-site devoted to everyone fond of art and culture, through which we would like to present special services about Venice and the most interesting places of its hinterland, from the Piave area eastwards to the border region Friuli Venezia Giulia, where we actually live.

To complete the information, thanks to the competent advice of uncle Luciano ( Dario's father ), ex-executive manager in a local 4 star hotel, who is now helping us with the web-pages construction and the promotion, a careful selection of accommodations is also available.


Polcenigo: Cascate

57 anni



Sorgente del Gorgazzo

Through Ciao Venezia, we aim to give our personal contribution in order to promote cultural tourism toward a really unique city with thousands more aspects to be discovered, though hidden behind one single picturesque mask named "bauta".
We also wish to introduce you to a region that, from river Piave eastwards to Friuli Venezia Giulia, has been deeply bound throughout the centuries to the " Serenissima " with stable ties of culture, tradition and civilization.
Dario and I have purposely dedicated our web-site to Venice because we had a common experience at the University of Ca' Foscari where I graduated in Economics some years ago and where Dario is attending the faculty of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage with profit and keen interest.

Venice, Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, is a graceful and charming Lady giving everyone, really able to understand, the illusion to live forever in a timeless dimension of unchanged beauty.
As today's commonplace is to complain about everything going too fast, I firmly believe that enjoying a pause of reflection is an invaluable privilege and should be a precise must for everyone.
Living in dreamland sometimes is possible and is a good medicine against modern world's diseases!

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