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Architectural obscenities
Sestière San Marco

Delimited by the Calle della Verona, by the homonymous "rio" (channel) and by the Calle della Madonna, stands a horrible block of buildings erected in the benittian era in a revival style imitating the Renaissance.
Originally it was meant for the Public Baths; today it gives hospitality partly to the Street-cleaner Service and partly to the Offices in charge of the reconstruction of the theatre La Fenice.

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L'Hotel Danieli

....Sole remarkable aspect of the Hotel Danieli is that modern building erected within 1946 and '48 as a sort of gigantic marble lavatory commonly known as the Danielino. The main responsible of such a work is no doubt the City Administration rather than the fool unrespectful architect.
.....Regarding the architectural crime committed, the sole suggestion worth considering is the expropriation of the area and the immediate demolition of the new dependance of the Danieli, that would be at least a moral indemnity towards Venice.
As many times in the past no hairs were split for demolishing buildings of architectural and historical value, I repute that no one would raise objections now for this disgrace. As for curiosity you should know that such distinguished architectural crap is patronaged by the Fine Arts.

S.O.S. for the clock of Santa Maria Formosa

The 18th century clock of Santa Maria Formosa's belltower was regularly working till the seventies, then due to the fact that the necessary weekly loading of the machinery was neglected, it rapidly broke down. Due to maintenance failure, Venice has lost a precious clockwork made by the craftsman Emmerico Rectinger.

Modern Havoc

About 1992 Palace Donà delle Rose (17th century), facing Rio Terrà della Maddalena, already damaged by a denigrating division of the volumes which had dismembered the noble first floor, was further on disfigured by the removal of the baroque main door. I wonder why the competent authority did not take action when the Bank of Naples altered the door? Why is the unpunished destruction of the city allowed without anyone trying to stop it? The Bank Ambrosiana Popolare Veneta following the Bank of Naples could do something as regards the settling of the original door or a similar one, since preserving the present door is a real proof of contempt towards Venice and outrages both the sumptuousness of the palace and the dignity of the Venetian civilization.

Theft of Bellini

On March 1st 1993 a valuable painting of the Madonna with Child by Giovanni Bellini dated 1478 was stolen from the church of Madonna dell'Orto.
That was a great loss for our city and unfortunately the work has not been found yet. Waiting for this happy moment, perhaps it would be a good thing setting a copy of the painting on the altar instead leaving it empty.

Architectural obscenities

From the prospect facing Rio de le Becarie we can see how Palazzo Sansoni (n.898) was destroyed in a barbarian way. Please notice how, by dividing the noble floor for speculative purpose, the whole valuable building suffered considerable damages. Who is to blame? Either the author of this havoc, "ignorant person" no doubt, or the government unable to intervene in order to stop immediately this insult to the artistic patrimony of our city?

San Polo
Abominable ruining

Al civico 1569 è un palazzetto rinascimentale al cui interno sono state commesse At city number 1569 there is a small renaissance mansion in whose internal some changes of very bad taste were made, such as an abhorrent cement connection between the renaissance external staircase of the courtyard and part of the first floor.

A gothic well cut in two

At city number 1895/C, in the Carampane neighbourhood, in September 1999 I could see by chance in an inner courtyard a gothic well cut in two and put near the wall.

Santa Croce
Unauthorized balcony?

I wonder if the balcony located in Calle Rosa at city number 2225 is a building abuse, since I can hardly believe a disgrace like that may have ever been authorized.

A capital to restore

In sotoportego (little porch) di Siora Bettina you can see a stone capital dating back to the 17th century, kept in an awkward state of preservation.
What is the Fine Arts waiting for being concerned?

Appeal to the painter Emilio Vedova
For Heaven's sake do not present us with your paintings, please save us from further art, since we are already immersed in art and too much art, especially modern, makes us feel sick.

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