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The Sacristy

At the end wall of the right transept a door leads to the sacristy, which achieved its spacious and pleasing form with the addition of the final apse in 1478. On the left of the doorway is a fine reliquary tabernacle once containing the reliquary of the Precious Blood, with two remarkable statuettes on either side representing St. Francis and St. John the Baptist, work of Bartolomeo Bellano (15th century).
On the right of the wroughtiron gate is a clock set in a marvelous carved cornice by Francesco Pianta the Younger (17th century).
The work is made of a single piece of cherrytree and depicts the allegories of time.
To the right of the clock you may notice an expressive painting by Nicolò Frangipane, pupil of Titian, por- traying the Deposition of Christ from the cross in the arms of Mary ( 1593 ). The scene is dominated by the pious figure of the Madonna, whose grief is so perfectly depicted in Her dignified tears and intense expression of sorrow that your heart will ache at the sight. The painful view of a mother outliving his son is no doubt a strongest message to everyone able to ban human cruelty.
The two paintings above the 16th century counter are works by the School of Bonifacio De Pitati and portray the visit of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon, with Venice in the background and the Adoration of the Magi.
Colours and landscapes are particularly fine.

Before the column leading to the presbytery is set a beautiful crucifix from the school of Andrea Brustolon (1662-1732). The small pictures placed in the centre of the side walls represent Hagar in the desert com- forted by an angel (left) by Giambattista Pittoni and Susanna with the Elders by the school of Piazzetta ( right ), both dated 18th century. The paintings clearly show the artistic influence of the great Giambattista Tiepolo.Outside the apse chapel is a lavabo from the Lombard school ( 16th century ) and on the left wall is set a valuable work from the Misericordia School depicting the Virgin, Mother of Mercy.
The work's beauty lies in the evocative historic landscape, done by an anonymous Venetian painter of the 15th century.



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