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The chapel of St. Peter
Marble altar piece
Marble altar piece

This chapel is also known as the Emiliani Chapel as it was given the name of the Bishop of Vicenza Pietro Miani ( or Emiliani ), who gave order to build it and here was buried in 1464.
After entering the chapel through a grand arch adorned with Gothic creeping foliage, you can see on the facing wall the sarco- phagus of Bishop Miani, a work in ornate Gothic style by the school of Dalle Masegne. Statues of apostles and saints are above.
Dalle Masegne signed also the marble altar-piece measuring 3.85 per 3.13 metres and divided into two orders by saints ( 1432 ).
From left to right on top are St. Lucy, St. Catherine of Alexandria, the Virgin and Child, St. Mary Magdalene and St. Clara; below St. Jerome, St. John the Baptist, St.Peter the Apostle, St.James the elder and St.Francis.
The large wooden crucifix over the exit door is a work of a sculptor from Veneto ( late 15th century ), and on the wall beside is a 15th century painting of the Universal Judgement by Andrea Michieli or the Vicentino, a disciple of Palma the Younger.

Along the left aisle, past the arch of the chapel, you come to the baroque monument of Girolamo Venier. Next is the door of the belltower embellished by a 14th century bas-relief with the Virgin and saints. The large painting above the door re- presents the Franciscan Tree, recording all the most celebrated men of the Franciscan order. At the bottom of the picture is a portrait of Father Agostino Maffei, who commissioned it to the artist Pietro Negri (1670).
Other interesting works to see are a magnificent chest by the School of St.Francis (17th century) and three paintings by the Vicentino, depicting the seven works of corporeal mercy.
Near the last column of the aisle is a holy water stoup with a bronze statuette of St.Francis, maybe a work by Girolamo Campagna dated 1609.

17th century chest
17th century chest
and paintings by Vicentino

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