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The chapel of St.Mark or of the Corner family
Triptych of St. Mark
Triptych of St. Mark

This is perhaps the most beautiful chapel of the Basilica.
It was built in 1420 by order of Giovanni Corner and dedicated to St. Mark the Evangelist in memory of Marco, illustrius exponent of the noble Venetian family.
In front of the beautiful Gothic doorway is a monument to Federico Corner, who had already given orders to begin works on the chapel in 1378: an elegant angel, work of the School of Donatello, holding a large scroll on which is engraved a funeral elegy reminding the exploits of the noble Federico in the Chioggian war against Genoa. It is reputed one of the finest monuments of the Venetian Renaissance for the perfect harmony between the architectural frame and the sculpted beauty of the figure within the precious frieze.
The monochrome fresco surrounding the work is attri- buted to Andrea Mantegna.

The altar of the chapel presents a work by Bartolomeo Vivarini from Murano dated 1474: The Triptych of St. Mark, framed in a wonderful wooden altar-piece which is a excellent example of ornate Gothic art. The painting portrays St. Mark seated on a marble throne surrounded by angels and four saints: on the left St. John the Baptist and St. Jerome, on the right St. Peter and St.Nicholas.
The stained glass windows depicted with saints on the chapel's apse date back to 15th century, while the others are work of Giovanni Beltrami from Milan (1907).
Two more valuable works feature the chapel: the beautiful painting " Christ's descent into Limbo " by Jacopo Palma the younger hung on the wall facing the altar, and the admirable statue of St. John the Baptist signed by the great Florentine artist Jacopo Sansovino, who wished to be buried in the Basilica in the Chapel of St.Peter. Clearly evident in this work are the refined taste for the minute and the technical perfection achieved in all the particulars with masterly delicacy.

St. John the Baptist
St. John the Baptist

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