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Public Transport

Both from Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto Island it is possible to take the ACTV public boats lines n° 1 or n° 82 as well as the private taxi-boats.

For those who arrive at Marco Polo airport

Road connections with Venice/Piazzale Roma

- City bus ACTV n° 5: price Lit. 1.500 (0,77 euro) (trip time, about 25 mins)
- Shuttle bus ATVO: Lit. 5.000 (2,58 euro) ( trip time, about 15 mins)

Road connections with Mestre and Marghera

- City bus ACTV n° 15: price Lit. 1.500 (0,77 euro)
- Shuttle bus ATVO: Lit.4.000 (2,07 euro)

Both leave Marco Polo airport for Piazzale Roma every 30 minutes, in connection to major flights.

- Taxi 20,66/23,24 €

From Piazzale Roma ( quay next to the bus stops) to the city centre, Lido, etc....: Boat n°1 and n°82 ACTV (Lagoon Navigation Lines) with departures every ten minutes

- Rates for the ACTV public boats, per person:

1 trip Lit. 6.000
tourist ticket valid 24 hours Lit. 18.000 (3,10e)
tourist ticket valid 72 hours Lit. 35.000 (9,30e)
tourist ticket valid 7 days Lit. 60.000 (30,99e)

- Family rates valid 24 hours:
touristic tickets for 3 people Lit. 45.000 (23,24e)
touristic ticket for 4 people Lit. 60.000 (30,99e)
touristic ticket for 5 people Lit. 75.000 (38,73e).

All tourist tickets are also valid on the ACTV city lines on the Mainland and on The Lido.

Water connections with Venice/San Marco/ Lido etc...

- Alilaguna ACTV/Coop. San Marco water bus: rate Lit. 17.000 (8,78 euro) ( trip time: about 1 hour and 10 minutes).

- Private water-taxi to the city centre Lit. 140.000 (72,30 euro).

For those who arrive at Santa Lucia Train Station

Connection to the city centre/San Marco/Lido

- Public ACTV boat lines n° 1 and n° 82 (rates and trip times as above).
- Private water-taxi rate Lit. 80.000 (41,32 euro).

For those who arrive by car

It's necessary to park your car either at Piazzale Roma or at Tronchetto, where there are three big garages. The rates for each car are as follows:

- Garage Comunale Piazzale Roma:
Lit. 30.000 (15,49 euro) for 24 hours or part of, regardless the horse power.

- Garage San Marco Piazzale Roma:
Lit. 48.000 24,79 euro) for 24 hours;
Lit. 35.000 (18,08 euro) up to 12 hours;
Lit. 2.000 (1,03 euro) extra for vehicles picked up during Sunday/bank holidays or night hours.

- Tronchetto Island Garage: Lit. 30.000 (15,49 euro).

Both from Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto Island it is possible to take the ACTV
public boats lines n° 1 or n° 82 as well as the the private taxi-boats.

Private taxi boat rate:

- from Tronchetto, P.le Roma and railway station to the city centre Lit.90.000 (46,48 euro);
- from Tronchetto, P.le Roma and railway station to the Lido S.M. Elisabetta or Excelsior Lit.125.000 (64,56 euro);

To arrive at the Lido:

- ACTV ferry - boat departing from Tronchetto Island, rates from Lit. 17.000 (8,78 euro) to Lit. 35.000 (18,08e) for vehicle ( trip time 35 minutes).

An ACTV water - bus night service runs along the Grand Canal and the Giudecca
Canal connecting the Lido,Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto and San Marco.
There is also an ACTV night bus service from Venice, Piazzale Roma for Mestre
centre, Mestre train station, Marghera as well as the Lido Island.
You may get more information on timetables and ACTV services at the Information
Centre in Piazzale Roma.
(telephone: 041-5287886).

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