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The choir
wooden choir

The great wooden choir of the main nave, built in 1468, is formed by 124 refined stalls carved by Marco Cozzi and set on three orders. The tall reredos enclosing and defining the space of the choir is formed by a series of niches separated by very elaborated flanks with fine floral motifs, while every single panel is divided in two superposed square frames, the upper being sculpted with figures of saints and the lower displaying precious inlayings to represent different architectural perspectives.
The choir can be considered perhaps the most important element of the furnishings of the Gothic churches. Its existence was strictly connected to monastic life and to religious rites reaching the highest spirituality with the Gregorian chant. The choir of the Frari's is so particularly important for its great artistic value as well as for the reason that it is the only one left in Venice and one out of the few remaining in Italy.
wooden choir

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